The Chairman Dances | Photo by J. Randolph Brown

To gear up for The Chairman Dances‘ EP release this Friday at The Rotunda, check out their new video for “Consolation,” a track from the forthcoming Samantha Says. The video follows a girl with her nose buried in a book as the city of Philadelphia bustles around her. She seems pretty unphased by her surroundings, which include the band itself as the members surround her on a park bench. It’s a whimsical two-and-some minutes that celebrates being blissfully unaware, written and filmed by Steady State Productions.

The Chairman Dances – Consolation from Steady State Productions on Vimeo.

See the band perform “Consolation” and other tracks off their latest effort Samantha Says on Friday, May 29th (details here), and be sure to listen to their 2014 full-length The Death of Samuel Miller.