LOUDS | Photo courtesy of the artist

Philly electropop band LOUDS are releasing their debut EP, If More People Bought Art More People Would Buy Art, next Thursday, but you can stream it via Soundcloud starting today! The record is sunshiny and upbeat, though the songs’ lyrics deal with the less savory matter of navigating complicated relationships. “Takes Two” addresses “bad communication [as] any relationship’s deathblow, and that it always takes two people contributing for it to work,” though you would never guess it with the lighthearted whistling and uptempo instrumentals.

The band itself is comprised of brothers Charlie and Petie Brooks, Alejandro Torres-Giraldo, Juston Stens, and Ryan Crump. If More People Bought Art… was written, demoed, and recorded, however, by Charlie and Petie, and inspired in title by a failed art show of Charlie’s (sorry, Charlie!). People may not buy art, but they do love good music. And good music LOUDS provide. Listen to the EP below, and be sure to head to the release party June 4th at Boot & Saddle. Streaming and purchasing of the record will be available via Bandcamp on the same date.