Richard Thompson | Photo by Pamela Littky

Singer-songwriter Richard Thompson is releasing his 16th solo album, Still, on June 23rd. Produced by Jeff Tweedy of Wilco, the album features a core trio of Thompson, bassist Taras Prodaniuk, and drummer Michael Jerome – with contributions from guitarist Jim Elkington of Jeff’s band Tweedy and harmony vocalists Liam Cunningham, his sister Sima Cunningham (both of Tweedy), and Siobhan Kennedy.

Writing about the album for NPR Music, Tom Moon says:

Thompson is coming off a 2013 album many place among his career peaks. Electric, produced by Buddy Miller, marked the first time in a while that Thompson permitted himself more than a breath or two of guitar commentary between verses, and those passages hit with a profound wallop, deepening the meaning of the songs. Still is produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, who’s no stranger to the guitar as storm-bringer, pile-driver, sonic centerpiece. So there’s reason to expect fireworks, especially since the album was recorded in a nine-day burst.

Go here to listen to Still.

Thompson plays the Keswick Theatre on June 18th. Below, sample a couple new songs from the album.