Spelling Reform’s “Fake Conversations” Cover Art

On Philly power pop band Spelling Reform’s lead single, “Together Apart”, Dan Wisniewski utters, “Now I realize that there are no rules; I can do whatever I want.” This self-absorbed line permeates the rest of their debut EP Diving Bell, which will be released on July 17 via Hope for the Tape Deck. It’s four songs about discovering identity, the fallacies of love, and dealing with millenial misfortune, with a little bit of nihilism thrown in.

Spelling Reform has only been around for a little over a year, with plenty of Philadelphia gigs under their belt and two successful singles. Now, on their debut, they show us their unique take on modern indie rock. The EP moves at breakneck speed – Wisniewski’s frantic vocals, the lengthy, shredding guitar solos, and the urging, dancey quality to the songs will definitely pump up your day. And make you hit rewind when it’s all over.

The band recently released a music video for the third track, “The Boy Who Can’t Read”, where they wander the streets of Philadelphia with unplugged instruments. The video captures the song’s quirky cheeriness as the band looks for places to play. Just when they set up camp in a park and begin to play, the video ends.

The band cites Wilco, The New Pornographers and Guided By Voices as influences, and have performed with Vita and the Woolf, Dogs on Acid and The Chairman Dances.

You have a chance to see them for yourself – on Saturday, July 18, Spelling Reform is hosting an EP release show at Johnny Brenda’s to celebrate the release of Diving Bell.The band will be joined by Goodnight Lights (who are also celebrating an EP release that evening) and Shark Tape.