The Weepies | Photo by Matthew Shaver

On a stage adorned with twinkling candles, a starry backdrop, and their own living room rug, The Weepies made a highly anticipated return to Philadelphia last Tuesday, serenading Union Transfer with a setlist spanning years, albums, and life experiences.

The duo kicked off their set with “Gotta Have You,” and the audience wasted no time in singing along with the humble and appreciative Steve Tannen and Deb Talan. Mixing in classics like “Can’t Go Back Now,” “World Spins Madly On,” and “Antarctica,” the couple delivered an intimate evening to an attentive crowd, recanting tales of loneliness (and productivity) in New England, and the story of Steve’s vow to marry and have children with Deb (they have three) upon hearing her early solo work.

Tracks such as “Crooked Smile,” “My Little Love” and “Fancy Things,” off of their 2015 release Sirens, gave a solid mix of tempo and style as the pair charmed their way through the night, with the high point being a worthy round of applause in response to Deb’s being cancer-free.

Opener Greg Tannen borrowed some of the spotlight from his brother and set the stage for a low-key show with the help of vocalist Amanda Brown. They performed one of two group renditions of “Vegas Baby” that evening, with the help of a spirited Steve and Deb, and whet the crowd’s appetite for some romantic ballads with a sampling of Amanda’s solo work.

With their perfectly harmonized vocals, and complimentary strumming, Steve Tannen and Deb Talan delivered exactly the evening we were hoping for. Considering the challenges faced during their hiatus, The Weepies seemed genuinely thrilled to be back, and we were genuinely thrilled to have them.