El Malito | photo via facebook.com/elmalitoandthe33rdcentury

Spanish reggae and dancehall never sounded better. Philly rapper El Malito brings the island sound to South Philly in his newest EP Buscando just in time for summer.

“The EP was inspired by my travels to Egypt, Puerto Rico, getting ready to be a new father and a deep desire to keep all the dumb shit that’s been going on in the world from bringing me down” he tells us.  The track “Terremoto” is the first song off the EP and perhaps the most infectious, as saxophones delightfully blare and the upbeat tempo whisks listeners to a place with palm trees and sandy beaches.

Buscando also features producers from around the world, making for a diverse sound. “The songs were produced with Rafael Aragon, a global bass producer who lives in Paris,” El Malito tells us. “I cut the vocals and emailed them to him.  As the summer progresses we expect to receive remixes from various DJs and producers.  The one remix included is by Sean Casey aka The Bumps who lives in London, England and runs the label Club Popozuda.”

The Buscando EP is an enjoyable journey that allows us to experience music outside of our comfort zone.  Catch El Malito at World Cafe Live on July 12th – tickets and more information can be found here – and check out Buscando below.