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With the help of popular YouTube personality Jesse Wellens handling visuals and promotion, Philly rapper Gliss boasts an impressive 200,000 views in just four days on the new video of his single “Inner Visions.”

An artist who has been on the come up for some time now, Gliss takes the soulful beat and production by Chigz and uses it to delve in a critique of American politics as well as life and the struggles in Philadelphia.  Cluttered and abandoned buildings are matched with graffiti filled walls and overhead shots that showcase the grand stage that plays home to Gliss’ stories.

Fresh and observant, this single displays entirely different subject matter than his earlier singles like “TMWYW (Tell Me What You Want).” These two songs add to his catalog and creating a versatile sound, though it’s unknown if either will show up on a future project. Check out the video for “Inner Visions” below.