The Roots with Cee Lo Green | video still

So, in case you missed it, The Roots were incredible (per usual) on the 4th of July. Beyond their surprise opening version of “Game Theory” set to the Action News theme, there were highlights aplenty. And thanks to one unofficial YouTube playlist, you can see them all in one spot.

While the recommended viewing format is simply hitting play and taking it all in, we realize it’s Monday morning and everybody is pressed for time. So here are a few quick links to the highlights, with the entire video below for later bookmarking and revisiting.

“Game Theory” set to the Action News Theme: video #1, 0:05 [WATCH]
Jeremy Ellis throwing down on the sampler: video #2, 12:13 [WATCH]
Captain Kirk Douglas’ mind-bending guitar solo on “You Got Me”: video #3, 4:42 [WATCH]
Cee Lo’s entrance to “Bright Lights, Bigger City”: video #3, 12:06 [WATCH]
Cee Lo doing “Crazy”: video #3, 16:04 [WATCH]
Cee Lo covering “Before I Let You Go” by Frankie Beverly: video #3, 19:41 [WATCH]
Cee Lo covering “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang: video #3, 23:41 [WATCH]
Cee Lo covering “Love and Happiness” by Al Green: video #3, 27:27 [WATCH]
Cee Lo closing his set with “I Love Music” by The O’Jays: video #3, 31:40 [WATCH]
Mayor Michael Nutter covering “Rappers’ Delight” by Sugarhill Gang: video #4, 0:15 [WATCH]
Mayor Nutter’s microphone is actually turned up to audible levels: video #4, 1:12 [WATCH]
Mayor Nutter says “super sperm” on live television: video #4, 2:28 [WATCH]
Mayor Nutter drops the mic: video #4, 2:56 [WATCH]