Chris Kasper | Photo by K Elizabeth

Philly folk artist Chris Kasper has just premiered the video for “Raven & the Rose”, and did so with the help of some unexpected friends. The video features three dancers from BalletX, a contemporary ballet organization based in Philly, who Kasper has been working with this past year. The artistic collaboration provides for a wonderful video, as his melody combined with the impeccable choreography of the dancers makes for a fantastic piece of art.

Kasper felt the song was a perfect fit for the video, saying, “I thought the more exotic rhythm would lend itself to a cool dance.” Chris also praised the talent of the dancers and how the blend of mediums lent itself to a great video: “I feel lucky and grateful to be involved with such high art. It’s exciting to collaborate with artists/performers who are non-musicians. It tightens up our discipline knowing that the dancers are counting on us for a solid performance.”

“Raven & the Rose” is the second track off Kasper’s fourth studio album, Bagabones, which he released in October of 2013. The video isn’t the only thing Kasper and BalletX have been working on, as the two are collaborating on five upcoming shows at The Wilma Theater July 8-12th. You can snag tickets for one of those shows here. You can check out the album on his website and you can check out the video with BalletX below: