Download King Britt's meditative 13-minute response to police brutality, "Trigger"
King Britt | Photo by John Vettese

With the one year anniversary of Mike Brown’s killing by a Ferguson police officer approaching this Sunday, Philadelphia DJ and electronic artist King Britt took to his Ableton rig last night to record a haunting response song.

The song is called “Trigger,” it’s 13 minutes long, and given the unrest that’s fueling it, you might expect something more explosive and aggressive. But no – that would be too easy. King channels a complex web of emotions into a tense, nervy soundscape that simmers and builds, becomes more intense as new sounds enter the fold (a pained wail at the 8-minute mark), but never quite hits a climax.

Perhaps that’s a reflection of the state of social affairs – maybe King is saying that we need to stop and consider how we look at our world and how we look at our fellow citizens before the situation gets more dire. As he says on Soundcloud. “This is a warning.”

Production details, for the curious:

This track was recorded live straight to DAW 8/5/15 at 930pm.

Instruments used
– Korg Mono/poly in poly mode building using 4 vcos

– Roland JX3P for bass actually and higher tones. Filters used

– Critter & Guitari pocket piano for higher octave oscillating sounds thru the Moogerfooger analog delay

– Ableton Terms triggering softsynths as the foundation for the piece

Listen to and download “Trigger” below.

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