Spank Rock | Photo by John Vettese

Fringe Arts has announced an outstanding new music series in September called Late Night. Curated by King Britt and Kate Watson-Wallace, the series is part of the 2015 Fringe Festival that runs from September 3rd to the 19th.

Some of the highlights of Late Night include an evening with McRad and Spank Rock (September 12th), Marissa Perel & Chris Forsyth (September 13th), Saul Williams & Nyugen Smith (September 15th), and Chimurenga Renaissance (September 18th).

“We wanted to bring the energy of the past Fringe Fest after-parties to the new space,” says King Britt. “Carefully selecting acts that represent a global celebration of music and art, while simultaneously allowing you to see & hear, through a different lens.”

Check out the full schedule below.

Sept 4
10:30 Red 40 and The Last Groovement at Opening Night Reception
12:00 DJ Sideswipe

Sept 5
10:30 DJ Botany 500

Sept 6
9:00 Suphala & Laraaji
10:30 Dj Lil Dave

Sept 8
10:30 DJ Tim Motzer

Sept 9
10:30 DJ Kyle Andrews

Sept 10
10:30 DJ Joe Data Garden

Sept 11
10:30 DJ Ian St. Laurent

Sept 12
9:00 McRad & Spank Rock
10:30 DJ Ron Crawford

Sept 13
9:00 Marissa Perel & Chris Forsyth
12:00 DJ Pia Ercole

Sept 14
9:00 Jaamil Kosoko presents BLACK MALE REVISITED: Songs for the Dark Divine
10:30 DJ Kate Watson-Wallace

Sept 15
9:00 Saul Williams & Nyugen Smith
10:30 DJ King Britt

Sept 16
9:00 Helado Negro & Xenia Rubinos
10:30 DJ Rahsaan

Sept 17
10:00 DJ Matthew Law at Feastival

Sept 18
9:00 Chimurenga Renaissance
12:00 DJ Underdog

Sept 19
9:00 Martha Graham Cracker Cabaret

“Each of the artists we chose has not only done great things in the commercial world but are now making necessary work in the academic environments,” says King Britt. “FringeArts is that intersection point between those worlds. We are the connectors between them.”

Go here for tickets and more information about the Late Night series.