Dillinger Four | via punknews.org

Speaking of Fat Wreck, one of our favorite bands on its roster is the twin cities crew Dillinger Four. They’ve been around in fits and starts since the mid-90s and have released a handful of fantastic, crazy energetic records – notably 2000’s Versus God and 2002’s Situationist Comedy – lacing shoutalong, fist-pumping hooks and propulsive riffs with sardonic social commentary.

They’re also righteously anti-commercial: they record when they want to record, they play shows because they want to play shows. Music has never become an all-consuming grind for them. Hell, their official webpage is still an Angelfire site circa early-00s complete with a visits counter, and no, they’re not doing it to be cutely ironic. D4 is perfectly okay taking four or six or eight years between emerging to the public sphere because they know their fans are along for the ride, whatever pace the ride is going at, and even though they don’t have a new album on hand – and their last official album was 2008’s Civil War – the show they just announced at the First Unitarian Church on Friday, October 9th will no doubt pack the crowds in. It’s their first Philly show since 2006, it’s a celebration of 21 years of D4, and it’s going to rule. Tickets and more information can be found here.