My summer vacation has led to a summertime bounty for you. I am just returning from a road trip and have been less than active online, but as you know, the Folkadelphia in-studio sessions don’t stop airing – not for me or for anyone. That being said, today we present a special, one time only, three-for-the-price-of-one-and-that-one-was-totally-free-anyway deal. I’m pleased to present our three most recent Folkadelphia Sessions featuring Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons, Emilyn Brodsky, and vio/mire. I couldn’t have asked for three more diverse sets to show off the range of what we consider folk music and the amazing people creating it.

Our most recent session comes from Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons, who last year released Take Yo Time, which drew on their love of traditional folk, blues, jazz, country, and more. Hunter and Seamons are both mesmerizing players and their chemistry is undeniable when they’re fiddling away together. We captured their raw and rustic energy for our in-studio recordings.

If you get a chance to see Emilyn Brodsky perform, jump at that opportunity. She’s a bundle of energy, a whirling dervish of songwriting prowess and comedic powers. Brodsky always shoots from the heart – honestly and truly. It’s no wonder that people are drawn to her and she’s been featured on HBO’s Girls, The Chris Gethard Show, and has played with the craziest range of people, from Amanda Palmer, to Magnetic Fields, to Pete Seeger. Do yourself a favor and pick up Emilyn Brodsky Eats Her Feelings.

Finally, but not least in this special Folkadelphia offer, we present vio/mire direct to you from Providence, Rhode Island. I have to say that when I hear vio/mire’s lush and intense semi-orchestral, rich in texture sound, I think that they could only have been born and bred in the Northeast. I think in some ways the sound reflects the environment, the life style, the weather. Give a listen and let us know what you think.