Cheerleader | Photo by Megan Lynch |

Philadelphia indie pop act Cheerleader delighted the crowd with their high energy set at today’s Free at Noon. Fresh off of XPN Fest, attendees were familiar with their shimmery and fun-spirited sounds. Cheerleader kicked off their set with “Do What You Want” and was met with much applause from the F@N Caravan who biked 521 miles from Boston to attend the event, during the opening line “I feel like driving out of Massachusetts.”

The band was clearly having fun on stage, thriving off the energy in the room. Their set included the title track of their debut album, an upbeat and melodic tune that is essential for any late summer playlist. The show concluded with bringing the bikers on stage with the band for a triumphant moment that reminded everyone in attendance that music is so much more than sounds, but it is also a community.

Cheerleader will be playing the TLA September 12th alongside CRUISR and you get tickets here. Below, check out a gallery of photos, read the setlist and listen to the performance in its entirety.

[xpnplayer action=”audio” category=”Free At Noon” artist=”Cheerleader 8.21.15 ” date=”2015″ button=”yes”][/xpnplayer]

Do What You Want
Haunted Love
A Million Ways
Mine All Mine
On Your Side
The Sunshine of Your Youth
Waiting Waiting
Feel Like That