Spill | Photo via facebook.com/spillrock

Lancaster’s Spill have released a video for their song “Sucks Either Way,” taken from the band’s debut self-titled EP.

The band is a Lancaster supergroup of sorts, formed by members of disbanded outfits Placeholder and We Were Skeletons. They’re guys who have been doing this for awhile, and that sentiment crosses into both the song and video of “Sucks Either Way.” The video was directed by Bernard Downey, and bass player Rafael Diaz explains that it mirrors the lyrics of the song:

“[It] explores the double bind of trying to ‘make it’ in the music biz while dealing with the reality of being some wiener who’s stuck in their hometown paying bills and trying to make their life work.”

It was filmed during Spill’s record release show in Lancaster, an unfortunately apt case study in the trials and tribulations of being an indie band.

“Because pressing vinyl relies on an ancient system currently hobbled by inflated demand, the shipment was delayed. So we showed up to the big gig with no records in hand. We played to a half filled room of people that may have enjoyed us, but really were hearing us for the first time and were probably just antsy for us to get off the stage and make room for the headliners.”

Watch the video below, and join Spill at Boot & Saddle on September 21st with Dogs on Acid, The Past Haunts and Spelling Reform. More information can be found here. Stay tuned for a Key Studio Session with the band as well.