Acres of Diamonds in the Wanamaker pipe organ circa 2012

Philly indie pop five-piece Acres of Diamonds has been making inventive and elegant music in fits and starts since 2008. As they put it succinctly on their Bandcamp page, “we’ve always been in flux, never just one thing or of one mind. We’re busy like you, being inspired, honing riffs, recording, trying out different microphones, taking some photographs, hanging out, tuning our guitars.”

Their last EP, the haunting Animal Trust, dates back to fall of 2012, and the band has always had a bit of an autumnal sound about it – two of it’s cited influences being John Cale and Galaxie 500. So it’s totally fitting that on the first day of fall, Acres of Diamonds returns with new music.

“Atlantic” was released today, and has a gentle prog sound about it. It was tracked at Jeff Zeigler’s Uniform Recording and finished at the band’s home studio. Singer Gwen Rooker has this to say about the song:

I told a friend around this time last year that none of my songs were ever about relationships—meaning romantic relationships. I realize now that this is totally wrong…a ton of my songs are about a deep, hopeless yearning for people. It’s a feeling I get—that most people’s personal romantic myth is colored more from our experiences of not having our feelings reciprocated than in actually loving another and being loved in return.

Listen to “Atlantic” below, and grab a free download at Bandcamp. Acres of Diamonds returns to the Philly stage for the first time in forever on October 17th when it plays Ortlieb’s; tickets and more information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar.