Modern Baseball | Photo by Jessica Flynn | via

Be careful what you wish for. I know that I’ve made the mistake of romantically wishing that someone would one day write a song about me. Little did I realize that songwriters typically find their muse when feelings of sadness, anger, hatred, and jealousy arise. (Needless to say, the song written about me was less than flattering).

Modern Baseball‘s new single, “The Thrash Particle,” brings me back to that moment. Inspired by blinding jealousy, the Philadelphia four-piece’s new track is cynically self-aware, with lines like “You suggested I write a song about the first time we met,/Well I don’t want to remember there or then,” which leads right into “Is this the hook you wanted?/ Is it stuck inside your head?/ Can you sing it with your friends?”

While many of us can’t relate to being the name on the dedication page of a song, we’ve all felt the jealousy that has made us feel self-righteous and bitter towards the people we care about. “The Thrash Particle” will bring you back to those moments when you’ve felt most vulnerable, the moments when the one you love doesn’t seem to care, and the moments when you lashed out and felt like you ruined it all.

The musical elements of the new single are just as impressive as the lyricism. This song rocks harder and heavier than any of the band’s previous work, but remains dynamic, with intricate guitar leads, drum fills, and the band dropping to half-time for the last hook. “The Thrash Particle” might be some of Modern Baseball’s best work to date. Listen to the track below and grab a free download at Bandcamp.