What was your #XPNGreatestYear in music?

What was the greatest year in music? That’s what WXPN wants to know the answer to for this year’s annual countdown, and we’re asking you to vote now for what you think was the greatest year in music is.

The DJ’s from WXPN – Dan Reed, Helen Leicht, Mike Vasilikos, David Dye, and Eric Schuman – are hosting dozens of episodes of the Greatest Year In Music radio station in collaboration with Slacker. Each day throughout the month, a new episode of the Greatest Year in Music is being added to the station. It’s fun filled listening to the music and years that mattered the most.

Listen to WXPN and Slacker’s Greatest Year in Music below. And be sure to vote for the greatest year in music here. Voting ends October 26th. WXPN will be playing back the greatest years in music starting Monday, November 2nd.