Photo by Jeremy Zimmerman |

With the weather we’ve been having, it’s not hard to get down and feeling like summer was just forever ago. Luckily, Cleveland’s The Lighthouse and the Whaler stopped through Philly on a mild Thursday night to remind us what summer is suppose to feel like — even if we’re bearing into fall, now. Even though the sparse crowd might have been confusing, The Lighthouse and the Whaler still brought their top shelf jams, orchestrated to fill rooms much larger than the Fishtown bar.

Working through a setlist comprised of numbers from both 2012’s bright wonderland This Is An Adventure and 2015’s still fun, yet mildly brooding Mount Royal, the four- and sometimes five-piece band didn’t leave any stone unturned as they bounced and voyaged through the evening. The crowd, though small in size, returned the band’s energy note for note and bar for bar, jumping and jamming along with each track as it came ringing out.

Check out pictures from their set, and a pair of portraits, below: