The Dodos | Photo by Michelle Montgomery |

Playing yet another 2015 Philly show, indie rock duo The Dodos returned to Johnny Brenda’s on Tuesday for a great night of music. Touring in support of their sixth full-length album Individ, the band played an upbeat, high-energy set showcasing new material and drawing from their back-catalogue. Throughout their set, guitarist/vocalist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber maintained a symbiotic exchange of intricate guitar melodies and drum rhythms layered with guitar backing loops, creating a full, rich sound.

Their complex instrumentation and tight syncopation distinguishes The Dodos from their peers. It allows them to create ultra-catchy songs and a memorable and exciting live experience. During the entire set, the crowd was immersed: some audience members were entranced in the music, others were full-out dancing throughout the entire set.

Opening up the show was indie-folk trio Norwegian Arms playing a lively set. With the occasional inclusion of vocoder and synth, in addition to the band’s ethereal vocals, mandolin, guitar, and percussion, the Brooklyn-via-Philly outfit continues to rock a very unique sound drawing from folk, rock, and electronic influences. Check out photos from the show in the gallery below.