Pissed Jeans | Photo by James Breslin

On Friday night, Pissed Jeans bombarded the Ardmore Music Hall with their cataclysmic sound as part of their recent escapade with Tired Hands Brewing Company. The brewery recently teamed up with the snazzy Ardmore venue to host shows, and the gritty Philadelphia punk band was the first to be invited to perform and craft a unique beer with the enthusiastic brewing team. The brew, named “People Person,” contained juicy tastes of honey, smoke, and wheat, and was delightful to drink while watching some in-your-face live music.

New York punk band Nap opened the night with a grungy mindset and songs that were equal parts dissonant and melodic, while M Ax Noi Mach put on a meditative electronic set with bass-heavy noise and echoing shouts.

Pissed Jeans delivered a loud, fast set that got some members of the crowd moving and most likely left all ears ringing. Frontman Matt Korvette and guitarist Brad Fry frantically bashed around the stage, while bassist Randy Huth and drummer Sean McGuinness held down their demanding parts in a cool and composed manner. The guitars filled up the room with humming distortion, and Korvette belted jittery, raspy shouts while candidly interacting with the audience. Their set was full of headbangers and absolute barnburners, but the night ended on a high note with a boundlessly fierce performance of “Bathroom Laughter.”

Save the date for round two of Tired Hands’ concert series at Ardmore Music Hall, which will take place on December 12th.