Brian Walker | Photo by Abi Reimold

Brian Walker of the Philadelphia emo rock band A Day Without Love is nothing if not ambitious. In the last year alone, he has released three different albums on his Bandcamp, ranging from the more polished Young Professionals to the literally-recorded-in-his-own-bedroom Songs for the Lonely. Now, Walker’s set his sights on an even more ambitious project: recording 90 different covers in 90 days.

On Friday, Walker released his first cover in the series, a charming rendition of Waxahatchee’s “I Think I Love You” off of her 2012 release American Weekend. Like Songs for the Lonely, “I Think I Love You” is also recorded in Walker’s bedroom – it remains to be seen whether all 90 covers will be recorded there, but if they are, I wouldn’t mind. There’s something a little disarming in seeing an artist perform straight from his bed.

The project is all part of an effort to raise awareness for depression, which Walker has personally struggled with himself. He has set up a GoFundMe campaign asking for donations to help record A Day Without Love’s debut full-length album, and has pledged to donate any additional proceeds from the fundraiser to Erika’s Lighthouse, a non-profit that aims to educate adolescents about depression.

Watch Walker’s cover of Waxahatchee below.