Brielle from the “Mangos” video | photo via

She alternates between Philly and the west coast, as well as between her handles – we met her as Brielle, though she seems to prefer Aprilfoolchild these days. Wherever she’s living and whatever she’s going by, we’re fans; her reverence for the neo-soul greats like Erykah Badu comes through in her modern electro-pop R&B compositions, like the new “Mangos” – which she released back in September. This week, a video for the song emerged, which you can watch below. Beautifully shot in both color and black and white by Andrew Elsayid and featuring sublime choreography, it’s a romantic snapshot of a sunny afternoon Brielle shares with a painter in a pastoral natural setting. Check it out below, and catch one of Brielle’s final Philly shows of the year this Friday, October 23rd, at Urban Art Gallery in West Philly. More information on the show can be found here.