PREMIERE: Dani Mari pays tribute to classic horror with "Sighs"
Dani Mari | photo courtesy of the artist

Philly singer-songwriter Dani Mari recently teamed up with composer and multi-instrumentalist Johnny Butler for a trio of songs and music videos inspired by horror film director Dario Argento. Today we have the premiere of the first song, “Sighs (Mater Suspiriorum)” and its accompanying video.

The concepts for “Sighs” and its forthcoming companions were inspired by Argento’s Le Tre Madri triology, which chronicles the titular characters’ creation of witchcraft in the 11th century.

“Sighs” ties in the witch element with an experimental art quality that elevates the video beyond pure shock value. It’s haunting, evocative and unsettling. The gilmpses of action you get through the pulsing light leave a feeling of uncertainty: what is this place? who are these people? what are they doing? The song is equally eerie, with exquisite strings, dub-step percussion and Mari’s vocals seemingly casting a spell.

Luckily for us, the team has more spookiness up their sleeves; go here “to see the secrets of the house” and get exclusive downloads and behind the scenes footage.

Watch “Sighs” below and stay tuned for parts two and three.

Sighs (Mater Suspiriorum) from Crystal Clear Waters on Vimeo.

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