WC Lindsay | photo by Jess Flynn

Philly’s favorite dance-punk trio, W. C. Lindsay, just released their third and final single of this year. The downtempo single, “Just Another,” strikes a new chord for the band, who are typically found onstage screaming and sweating and inciting mosh pits. This is the first song that frontman William Lindsay produced himself from start to finish, and it features airy vocals from Lucy Stone. “Just Another” may be slower and more somber than the band’s other work, but don’t confuse it for a ballad. Lindsay maintains his hip-hop influences and tongue-in-cheek references to late-night stumblings through the streets of Philly.

Of the songwriting process, Lindsay says:

“Just Another” represents a new speed for us- It’s a departure from our normal nostalgia. I wanted to make the lyrics more conversational, and my best friend Lucy Stone laid down some beautiful vocal takes that really bring that element to life. I love getting a second voice on tracks, and we haven’t had the chance to do that since ‘Little Ghost.’ Our parts interact and create a vibe you couldn’t achieve with one voice.

You can stream “Just Another” via The Fader. Catch them on Saturday, November 21st at the Mantua Yacht Club with Square Peg Round Hole and Tigue.