Orion Tango performing at the NJProghouse Progressive Music Series | Photo by Bill Fox

Experimental guitarist Tim Motzer has proven that there is no genre of music he’s unwilling to explore. The adventurous and innovative Philadelphian has collaborated with a diverse range of figures over the years, ranging from jazz guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel to spoken-word poet Ursula Rucker. The result is a catalog of music under Motzer’s 1K Recordings label that is as unique as it is unpredictable.

HIs newest project is Orion Tango, a three-piece featuring Motzer on guitar, Jeremy Carlstedt on drums, and Barry Meehan on bass. The band just released their self-titled debut album, a deceptively large collection of five tracks that clocks in at nearly fifty minutes long.

On the record, Motzer and his collaborators have crafted a series of instrumental tracks that are tough to accurately categorize. Indeed, for someone like Motzer who traverses diverse musical landscapes with ease, that sort of seems to be the point. Title track “Orion Tango” draws mostly from minimalist post-rock, beginning slowly and never quite reaching a true climax. On the other hand, “Super Gun” is a much more energetic, full prog-rock track, driven by Meehan’s distorted bass and Motzer’s stratospheric guitars solos.

Listen to the album over at Orion Tango’s bandcamp, and watch the colorful abstract video for the track “Orion Tango” below.