Joy Again | Photo by Dylan Pearce

18-year-olds Sachi DiSerafino and Arthur Shea first began making music together under the name Forever Lesbians, but as their band changed, so too did its name. Now they’re known as Joy Again, a five-piece group that has been a staple of the Philly basement scene for a while now.

Quite understandably, people have taken to the group’s brand of breezy, youthful pop, and so they’ve been signed by Lucky Number (Alex G, Darwin Deez). Joy Again even caught the eye of the up-and-coming electronic artist Shamir, who has since become the band’s manager. Said Shamir of the group:

They are extremely aware of the world around them, dangerously smart and super mature without leaving behind that playfulness that a lot of people lose once they start to enter adult life.

NME has just premiered Joy Again’s debut single, “Looking Out For You,” an incredibly catchy and playful track that sounds a bit like the early music of Philly favorites, Dr. Dog.

If you like what you hear, you’re in luck — Joy Again is opening for Shamir tonight at First Unitarian Church. You can grab tickets to the show here.