Myrrias performing for the Double Decker Music Series

Local psychadelic-rock group Myrrias recently found themselves in a strange place: playing a concert on top of a moving double-decker bus as it snaked its way through the streets of Philadelphia.

The reason for this was simple — the group performed in the 8th volume of the Double Decker Music Series, a mobile concert that combines live performances on top of a bus with a guided tour of Philadelphia.

Amazingly enough, Myrias, who were performing without drummer Casey Bell and bassist Emilly Robb, actually sounded quite good in their atmospheric cover of Nico’s “60/40.” As the wind shoots through their hair, Mikele Edwards and April Harkansan share a laugh, but manage to keep their composure and put on quite a compelling performance. Perhaps most surprising of all is how crisp the music sounds — not a single car horn blares over the course of the five-minute performance. If that’s not some sort of divine intervention, I don’t know what is.

This edition of the Double Decker Music Series also featured a brief but frenetic set from electronic musician Joo Won Park.

Watch the full performance below and check out Myrrias’ recent Key Studio Session.