The City & I | photo by Jessica Flynn | courtesy of the artist

Colins Regisford has been working on his solo project The City & I since 2004, but roles in local bands Mannequin Pussy and Kids put it on the backburner for almost a decade. That ends now, though, with the November 27th release of Regisford’s debut album Downer. The record will be out via the Infinity Cat Cassette Series curated by Mitski / Colleen Green drummer Casey Weissbuch (the same series that put out Philly transplants Left & Right’s Five Year Plan last year).

“Are You Up” is the second track we’re hearing from Downer, following the mellowed, shoegazing “Geordie” shared by CMJ earlier this month. And on this song we’re hearing another side Regisford.

If something can be both doomy and warm, “Are You Up” is that thing. It’s abrasive and metallic with lyrics that live up to the album’s title (“I don’t think it’s so bad to want to be left alone/ take it straight to the head/ pass out or go home”) but there’s a trippy hue to the industrial synth clashes.

On about the third listen you might start to get an image of Regisford in your head, standing still in the middle of the street as the city rushes by him in time-lapsed, fast-forward fashion. And then suddenly the curtain falls and the audience applauds and you’re left wondering if it’s always this exciting inside his head.

The City & I will celebrate the release of Downer at The Pharmacy on November 28th with White Pisces, Shannen Moser and QUIT. More information can be found here.