Minka | photo courtesy of the artist

As we have discussed before when talking about a new track from Philly’s Minka, Bowie and Byrne are always present in their blend of electronic, funk and rock musical stylings. Their new track, “This Is It” is perhaps even funkier than their two previously released single’s “Kid’s These Days” and “My Room”.

The track begins with thudding percussion accompanied by a cheery and bouncy synth line, which plays coy with the songs more bleak lyrical content which ominously reminds us that “This is it//you can’t get out of this”. Minka are a group who have been distinguishing themselves for their playfulness as well as their technical skill and “This Is It” does little to diminish this notion. You can check out the new track below and see the guys either at World Cafe Live @ The Queen in Wilmington on November 28 or at Underground Arts in December.