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The folks over at In The Library, a video series curated and produced by Oveja of Naked Limbs Productions, have released some truly magical intimate performances from local acts — Ben Kessler and Flounder Warehouse’s Seann Cantatore (a Key intern) to name a few — and now they have a new video from one half of our recently-disbanded friends Nathan Earl and Rachel Joy, Nathan Allebach.

In The Library isn’t about any fancy tricks of production, but simply puts the man and his guitar on full display, allowing for a visceral emotional connection to the music. Allebach only adds to this feeling of intimacy with a heartfelt performance of his new track, titled “Alone With You”. The song seems to focus on a newly ended relationship in which Allebach finds himself helplessly drawn back into, despite his best efforts, with his only solution to resist any alone time with his former lover. Allebach is able to inject a palpable feeling a helpless loss into the track, making it enjoyable as well as impassioned.

You can check out the video for yourself below and head here to listen to Allebach’s debut EP Quarter Life Changes.