Photon Band at Johnny Brenda’s in 2007 | Photo by Vallania | via

The Photon Band are one of those legendary cult favorite Philly indie rock bands centered around the songwriting, singing and guitar playing of Art DiFuria.

As a student at Temple in the mid-80s, DiFuria was a member of several bands including Tons Of Nuns, Uptown Bones, Lilys, and then went on to form the Photon Band, that sounded like a mashup of The Who, Sonic Youth and Guided By Voices. The Photon Band’s 1998 release, All Young In The Soul is a hands down Philly indie rock classic. DiFuria, who has his PhD in Art History, left Philly in 2010 to take a teaching position at Savannah School of Art and Design. He’s kept the Photon Band from completely disappearing with the occasional show and sporadic releases, and this past summer the band released Songs of Rapture and Hatred.

This Saturday night, December 5th, the Photon Band will make a rare appearance and will be rocking Johnny Brenda’s with Palomar and Philly’s Tin Horses. Joining DiFuria will be bassist Jeff Tanner and Philly drummer extraordinaire, Patrick Berkery. Below, watch the new video for “Solitaire,” from Rapture and Hatred.