Weekender | Photo by Jen Bragan | via facebook.com/wkndrband

Weekender have been spinning dreamy, reverb-filled pop melodies since their 2013 debut EP Spanish Peaks, but on their upcoming release Floaty Feeling, Blue (PaperCup Music), they’ve stepped it up another notch. Lead singer Derek Sheehan has finally established a solid band lineup behind him, and you can sense this continuity and comfort on the group’s new single “Loving/Hating.”

Whereas the title track, which was the first single released off Floaty Feeling, Blue captured the breezy, carefree atmosphere of an afternoon stroll along the beach, “Loving/Hating” has significantly more grit to it. The track begins with an explosive, grinding guitar solo that never really fades over the course of the track’s four minutes — even during the atmospheric chorus that riff is still there, providing the song with a perpetual shot of adrenaline.

Despite this omnipresent guitar, Sheehan’s vocals float above the fray, creating a lush psychedelic universe that draws heavily from the similar textures explored by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on his 2015 release Currents. Sheehan doesn’t rely on bass or synths as much as Parker, but stylistically it’s easy to imagine “Loving/Hating” finding a place on Currents.

You can stream “Loving/Hating” over at Consequence of Sound, and check out the group’s first single below. Weekender is also performing at Kung Fu Necktie on December 10th – tickets available via the XPN Concert Calendar.