Listen to "Arrowheads" from Lancaster rap trio That Them Do...

One of the reasons music is undeniably the most democratic of any art form going is because literally anyone, from anywhere, can make something that can cut through the noise and be heard if it’s good enough. This democracy is one of the reasons that a rap trio from Lancaster, Pa — a place known more for farmland and Amish than for beats and bars — is able to put together a song as catchy and well-produced as “Arrowheads (feat. Muhsinah)” from That Them Do…

The track, produced by Philadelphia’s Small Professor, has a jazzy, sultry vibe, beginning with a hook from D.C. singer Muhsinah before verses begin flying to a fro from vocalists Chuck Daily and Dante Ross. Each verse is able to impressively able to engage the listener immediately, while both keeping to the established beat as well as add their own stylistic flourish.

That Them Do… are set to release their debut self-titled album on January 16 via HiPNOTT Records, but you can check out their first single “Arrowheads (feat. Muhsinah)” below.

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