Kate Faust and leBeet | photo via facebook.com/iamkatefaust

Kate Faust has teamed up with fellow soulful, electro-inspired vocalist Aphra for a unique cover of Radiohead’s “All I Need” from their 2007 release In Rainbows. Faust, who sat down with The Key earlier this month, picked a great collaborator in Aphra, as both artists share a captivating voice and clever use of electronic arrangements. The two make a natural pair, and at times their styles fuse so seamlessly it’s nearly impossible to tell their voices apart.

Musically, Faust and her collaborator leBeet have taken quite a degree of creative license with the cover, transforming a song that was originally brooding and deliberate into one that is upbeat and full of shimmering electronic melodies. That being said, both Faust and Aphra’s plaintive vocals evoke a deep pain that stays true to the character of Thom Yorke’s singing on the original. This makes for a cover that expands on its source material, while never straying too far from its emotional core, which is exactly what a good cover should do.

Faust is to release Undercover, an entire EP made up of covers, on December 26th. Until then, listen to her version of “All I Need” below. You can also catch Faust perform with Work Drugs and Kississippi on December 12th at Johnny Brenda’s. Tickets over at the XPN Concert Calendar.