Ron Gallo | photo by Lindsey Gardner | photo courtesy of the artist

Before packing up and hitching a ride down to Nashville, singer-songwriter Ron Gallo treated his musical home of eight years to a farewell show at Bourbon & Branch while drawing inspiration from the wild spirit of Iggy Pop.

Joined by friends and bands he’s shared the stage with over the years (including former Toy Soldiers bandmates), the usually-rootsy musician previewed songs from a forthcoming record that leans more in the heavy psych direction. But capping off the night, and his Philadelphia career, Gallo turned to a classic Stooges song to bid his final farewell. Sans shirt and instrument, Gallo shuffles and sways across the stage in true Iggy Pop style while rocking out to “Search and Destroy.”

Read Gallo’s exit interview with The Key here and check out the video of the band performing “Search and Destroy” below.