Yeasayer | Photo courtesy of the artist

XPNFest vets and Brooklyn art rockers Yeasayer today announced a new album called Amen & Goodbye, due out April 1st via Mute Records. While previous releases have dabbled in space rock and unabashed pop, the new material seems to be dabbling in both, if the song “I Am Chemistry” is any indication. The song is incredibly catchy, but very unconventionally structured and adorned in Animal Collective-ish psychedelic tones.

Watch the animated music video below – it is by New Media Limited, is set in an outer space dystopian landscape and is loosely reminiscent of Blade Runner or The Quay Brothers. Cool bonus for XPN folk show fans: listen through to the 3:23 mark to hear layered and warped yet strangely beautiful vocals by Suzzy Roche of The Roches. Preorder Amen & Goodbye here.