Field Report | Photo by Brittany Salerno for WXPN

The folks in Milwaukee Americana outfit Field Report have a rep for being some of the nicest dudes in music, and their new single serves to reinforce that.

Self-released on Bandcamp, “Your Friend Tia” is a jaunty pop number reminiscent of the more upbeat moments of Juliana Hatfield and Matthew Sweet, and it’s dedicated to a young girl growing up in the band’s neighborhood.

As frontman Chris Porterfield told Stereogum:

My 8 year old neighbor friend Tia was born with sickle cell anemia, an awful blood disease. She has undergone treatments and transfusions and transplants. Her bravery and warmth and kindness are an inspiration to everyone who meets her.

It dawned on me that we could at least help this amazing little girl feel special, and that we were weirdly positioned to be able to tell people who like our work about her story. So we wrote this song.

Tia’s whole family came to our show at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee in October. We played this song, and she came on stage and the whole theater cheered for her.

After the show, Daniel Holter offered to record us. And Justin Perkins offered to master the track. And Dwellephant offered to illustrate it. And now maybe more people will hear her story and be inclined to offer their love and support too.

All proceeds from this track go directly to her family.

And just like that– ! she could be your friend Tia.


Listen to the song below, and watch Porterfield perform the song on Milwaukee television with Tia herself. Field Report’s Marigolden is available now via Partisan Records.