Folkadelphia Session: Jenny Owen Youngs

Jenny Owen Youngs, the Brooklyn-based songwriter and previous Folkadelphia Session performer, offers you the chance as a listener for a truly positive and inclusive musical experience. With Youngs, we’re meant to laugh together, cry together, feel hurt, prideful, angry, and strong together. That’s the innate power of her music; whether you’re alone and listening through headphones or you’re watching her at a theater with a thousand other people, Youngs has a way of making it personal and face-to-face.

Compared to almost any other musician, Jenny just seems super down-to-earth. I know people talk about the universality of certain musicians, how what they sing about appeals to everyone, but by becoming universal, themes like love and loss often become too watered down. Youngs has a way of taking the universal, like love, and injecting them with reality, like awkward love or tough love, themes we actually can relate to.

What’s clear is that we all have a friend and compatriot in Jenny Owen Youngs.

As I mentioned, this is Jenny’s second appearance for Folkadelphia. This time around, she performs a range of songs, from older cuts from her catalog, recent tracks from her newest EP Slack Tide, as well as two very recognizable covers. I can’t wait for her third visit.

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