Photo by Breanna Keohane

With acoustic guitar in hand, Lissie walked out on World Cafe Live’s stage earlier today to show Philadelphia a little bit of her midwest roots with a raw folk rock sound.

Alongside electric guitarist Edward Stanton, Lissie kicked off the set with her new song “Hero,” her stripped-down performance showing off a natural vocal talent and intricate lyrics. Debuting another new song “Don’t You Give Up On Me,” Lissie showed the crowd her vulnerable side through a message that focuses on her sense of self and her surroundings.

She played a combination of songs off her forthcoming album My Wild West while also incorporating some familiar crowd favorites. She used her Illinois roots to hone in on her unique sound, which has previously landed her the title of Paste magazine’s number one solo artist back in 2010.

Lissie’s performance was just a preview of her tour to come, starting in February. She’ll be back to visit the City of Brotherly love in April, where she’ll be playing at Johnny Brenda’s; more information on that show can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar. Her new album My Wild West will be available for download February 12. Listen back to the Free at Noon and check out a photo gallery from the show below.

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Sun Keeps Rising
Don’t You Give Up On Me