The Dead Milkmen at Laurel Hill Cemetery | Photo by John Vettese

Though he sang some of The Dead Milkmen‘s biggest hits – “Punk Rock Girl,” “Methodist Coloring Book” – Joe Jack Talcum was always kind of the quiet shy guitarist guy hanging in the corner, as compared to Rodney Anonymous’ dynamic and bellowing preacher at the subversive pop pulpit. It’s cool, then, to hear this Joe Jack song that the Milkmen unearthed for #ThrowbackThursday this week.

Sayeth the band:

This is a new cleaned-up mix by Seven Morris of an old demo of a never-released song. It was recorded circa 1992 as part of the “Not Richard But Dick” demos (though we did not have the album title yet) in the basement at Buckingham Place in West Philly on a Tascam cassette 8-track. Same general time frame that we recorded the Yardbirds cover “Shapes Of Things” that appears on the Now We Are 10 CD release.

Listen to the Daniel Johnston-esque jam below.