Sheer Mag | Photo by John Vettese for WXPN

Philly punk powerhouse Sheer Mag is a reliable source of retro rock n’ roll riffs, fierce garage furor, live energy and instantly memorable hooks – and they’ve racked up all the attendant buzz that goes with that sort of combination. The band just dropped a blistering new song called “Can’t Stop Fighting” on its Soundcloud page, and it is fire. As with Sheer Mag’s best moments, this one makes the most of interplay between Tina Halladay’s unbridled vocal prowess and Kyle Seely acrobatic, Thin Lizzy-style guitar licks. Give it a listen below, and see Sheer Mag tear down Ortlieb’s tonight; tickets and more info at the XPN Concert Calendar.

UPDATE: The lyrics. OMG the lyrics. This isn’t just one catchy-ass rock song, this is a powerful callout against rape culture.

all my life i’ve felt the eye of the catcall
we’re striking back baby, and you can find me in the vanguard
you say you don’t understand
i can see the blood, it’s on your hands