Thanks, Internet: Kanye West meets Ben Gibbard in Death Cab for Yeezy
Death Cab for Cuite (left) | Photo by Rachel Del Sordo // Kanye West (right) | Photo by John Vettese

With the much talked about premiere of The Life of Pablo finally happening this evening, Kanye West has been all over the headlines since…well, actually, let’s stop right there, since he’s always all over the headlines for one reason or another. For the fans (and we count ourselves as fans), we’ll bring you a review of T.L.o.P.‘s local screening in University City tomorrow, but right now, something for readers who prefer their Kanye in smaller doses: a new mashup album mixing his hits with those of indie rock faves Death Cab for Cutie.

Death Cab for Yeezy has been floating around Soundcloud for a few days now, and tonight, Ben Gibbard and his crew noticed and shared it to their Facebook page. Right now it’s six songs, and like most mashup outings, results are mixed – “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” is just too mopey to work as a hook in hip-hop or otherwise – but holy cow, the pairing of “Sound of Settling” from Transatlanticism with “All Falls Down” from The College Dropout is actually pretty remarkable. I’m also very much into the way the charging rhymes of “Get Em High” intersect with the jagged “Crooked Teeth.”

Listen to those two tracks below, and explore more at Soundcloud.

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