Cherry | Photo courtesy of the artist

Cherry, the new band of Kite Party‘s Russell Edling, is streaming their debut EP with Lame-O Records, Gloom.

After Kite Party parted ways in 2014, Edling continued to write songs for what would eventually become Cherry. He previously released a music video for the song “Alligators,” but is now releasing the EP in full.

Gloom consists of three quick yet promising stripped down indie-rock songs and one cover. It kicks off with “Golden Love,” a soft spoken acoustic strummer accented with bright keyboards and dark electric guitars. Edling sings, “I want your love to be a golden flame,” sinking into the arraignment before the choral fade-out.

On the lonely “Special Baby,” Edling channels the saddest of indie rock’s all-stars (Magnum, Merritt, etc.) through reverb soaked filters. “You were almost the same fuckin’ person as me,” laments Edling as he builds himself up and a melancholy rain beats him down. The post-punk influenced “Alligators” pushes over the hill of pessimism, seeking to get out of its hollowness and into a better state of mind.

The EP ends with a cover of Fugazi’s “I’m So Tired,” with Edling using the song as a statement that accepts defeat while trading in the sunken piano chords for echoed guitar strums and ominous synths.

Edling and Cherry will be holding their EP release show for Gloom upstairs at Kung Fu Necktie on April 3rd with Sun Organ, Lowercase Roses, and Cave People. More information for that show here.

Gloom is out this Friday, February 19th via Lame-O Records.

Stream Cherry’s Gloom here. Watch the video for “Alligators” below.