The Chapin Sisters | Photo courtesy of the artist

Music flows in their veins, innate chemistry flows from their relationship. We’re proud to present an in-studio session with Abigail and Lily Chapin, performing together as the Chapin Sisters. Let’s quickly gloss over their amazing family legacy in music (and that their lovely parents happened to also be on tour and were fortuitously able to come out to attend the recording) and dive right into the consistently masterful albums the duo has been releasing.

Starting with their debut in 2008 and all the way to their most recent, 2015’s crowdfunded fourth record Today’s Not Yesterday, Abigail and Lily have continued to put their distinctive voices to good use, crooning, belting, and harmonizing hearts into states of enthrallment. The music is outside of time; it draws from the past, but looks to the future. Much of their catalog might show comparisons to classics from Laurel Canyon, but on Today’s Not Yesterday, following a return move back to New York City, the listener can’t help but hear the geographic influence on the colorful and diverse set of songs. We heard a handful of those songs in the studio and are pleased now to share them with you.