Trouble Boys | photo courtesy of the author

Rock journalist Bob Mehr has just released his new book Trouble Boys: The True Story of The Replacements, and The Dan and Dan Music Podcast had him on to talk about the band that has connected with so many people.

As they say during the show, The Replacements were “as important as The Beatles to anyone who heard them.” Paul Westerberg, Chris Mars, Bob & Tommy Stinson, and (eventually) Slim Dunlap inspired more artists than you can count, and their drunkenly failed shots at fame will forever be etched into history because of the incredible music they made together.

Both Dan Reed and Dan DeLuca are noted Replacements fans (DeLuca just wrote a piece on Trouble Boys for the Inquirer, Reed has been playing the band on the air since the 80’s) and their talk with Mehr covers everything from their undercutting ambition, self sabotage, and wild live shows to the numerous songs and records that mean so much to so many.

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