While there’s no doubt that the surprising death of music icon Prince shocked us and shook us to the core of our musical hearts, it’s the healing power of music, his music in particular, the brings us together in these emotional moments. Pop-up tributes happened around the country and the world yesterday, Niagra Falls went Purple, as did the skylines of San Francisco, Cincinatti, Pittsburgh and more. In Minneapolis, an all-night dance party was held at the legendary nightclub First Avenue.

Here at XPN, Prince’s music and the influences he drew on, has always been an important part of our musical DNA. Prince’s musical lexicon, informed by James Brown, George Clinton, Sly Stone, and Jimi Hendrix – along with 60s pop and the jazz influences of his parents – inspired a body of work that will live on for many generations to come. When the new broke about his passing, the XPN community weighed in with their thoughts. Here are some of the hundreds of comments we’ve gotten.

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