Tacocat | Photo by Katie Tapman

It took us long enough, but it’s finally here: our first Indie Rock Hit Parade live session of 2016! This time, we were joined by the Seattle band Tacocat! The band formed back around 2008, and just released their third album, Lost Time. The album features the band’s smart and witty lyrics about a variety of topics including yuppies, The X-Files, internet commenters and more. Couple those with taut and fizzy instrumentation and you’ve got a record that’s as vivid as the band members themselves.

Our session begins with an ode to one of the most iconic television characters of the ’90s, “Dana Katherine Scully.” Singer Emily Nokes imagines seeing the world and all its paranormalities through the eyes of Gillian Anderson’s celebrated agent. On “I Hate The Weekend,” Nokes is joined by her bandmates in a scathing (but playful) takedown of young professionals who crowd local hangouts once let loose from the office. Guitarist Eric Randall and bassist Bree McKenna get locked into a serious lurching groove on “The Internet,” which exposes the cowardice of trolling. And in the closing “Talk,” Lelah Maupin‘s thunderous drums give weight to a cry for more face time and less screen time.

Listen to and download the complete Tacocat Indie Rock Hit Parade live session below, and check out some of Katie Tapman’s photos from the studio: