Hemming’s Candice Martello and Cayetana’s Augusta Koch with Three Man Cannon’s Matt Schimelfenig in Miner Street Recording | photo by Gabriel Greenberg | courtesy of the artist

Philly’s Hemming has become a force of nature on the Philly show scene over the past year. Whether she’s performing with a band or playing solo, in a quiet living room or a loud bar, frontwoman Candice Martello’s cathartic delivery and deep ruminations have an uncanny ability to make a crowd stop and listen.

But she’s also present on the scene in another way: you’re just as apt to see Martello in the audience, cheering for her friends on stage, as you are on a lineup. There’s a real sense of camaraderie and real emotional connectivity to what Hemming does, and those things converge massively on the opening episode of the new season of Shaking Through.

Where past episodes have been broken into an artist profile / songwriter side and a tech / production side, Hemming’s spotlight is presented as a single, long-form 18-minute video with those stories intermixed; and a somewhat stronger emphasis on telling the artist’s story than the producers’.

As we follow Martello making the song “All I Want,” we meet the remarkable cast of friends she tapped to help her out: August Koch of Cayetana on vocals, Matt Schimelfenig of Three Man Cannon on guitar, Allegra Anka of Cayetana on bass and Pat Brier of Three Man Cannon on drums. As producer Gabe Greenberg tells us, they’re all buddies – and that’s totally evident from watching them interact in the studio. 

We also see a candid sit-down with Martello, who reflects on her journey through the music industry – beginning with her scrappy punk duo Omar (with The Guild’s Nick Fanelli on drums) and making its way through the reality TV wringer on Make or Break: The Linda Perry Project – and Martello is very honest in detailing how that experience was maybe not all it was cracked up to be.

She emerges triumphant with “All I Want,” a soaring rocker that draws strongly on her punk roots and sits them squarely in her anthemic ambitions. Watch the video and stream the song below, grab a free download at Weathervane Music.