Son Step | Photo by Matthew Roberts | courtesy of the artist

Local experimental pop outfit Son Step are back with another single from their forthcoming Natural Majique LP. The Wild Honey Pie debuted “One of Every” earlier this week, a follow-up to last month’s “Sweet Wife Life.”

Frontman Jon Coyle talked to The Wild Honey Pie about writing “One of Every”:

‘One of Every’ was one of the first songs we concocted for this album. We had captured a tasty impromptu rhythm that our drummer Matt developed during a rehearsal, and I used that as a starting point for most of the sounds that followed. I wrote the bulk of the tune (plus some other scraps for the album) during a month of downtime in Seoul, South Korea, which was a nice backdrop for getting some fresh ideas to flow. This song is about people’s tendency to overthink, particularly about situations and relationships that are closest to us. Everybody deals with that struggle in some way or another, and the main theme here is about getting into a groove of letting go.

Listen to “One of Every” below and pick up tickets for Son Step’s May 28th album release show at Bourbon & Branch with Circadian Rhythms and Minka here.